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Coinpunk is now the only fully open source Bitcoin web wallet that can't be banned from the iPhone. That's 39% of the market share in the United States, and 12.9% worldwide. Apple wants to crush Bitcoin to try to anti-competitively prop up their own shitty payments system that will suck, at the expense of hard working merchants that want to accept Bitcoin at their stores. As a result, they have banned all Bitcoin wallets from the App Store. Their abusive actions are a threat to our goal of universal payments for everyone, and a threat to the stability and strength of Bitcoin.

Only one rebel now stands in their way:


We tasked ourselves with building a completely open source HTML5 Bitcoin wallet solution, and we delivered. Because Coinpunk is 100% HTML5, it can be used directly from Safari, and apple can't ban it. Coinpunk isn't vaporware - we have working code and a web wallet service that you can use right now that you can use on an iPhone, Android, Desktop, or pretty much anything else that has a web browser. We've proven that we can build software that works. Now we need your help to make Coinpunk even better, expand the Bitcoin ecosystem, and help trash Apple's tyrannical plans to cut users off from Bitcoin on the devices they own.

Coinpunk is pretty good right now, but we want to make it even better. We have a lot of great design, performance, stablity, and feature improvements we want to add. We want to bring on a full-time developer to help us out. We want to make standalone client versions of it. We want to add Coinpunk to browser app stores. We want to make Coinpunk have better support for cold wallets (and do a better job educating users on how to work with them), and we want to add support for other altcoins like Litecoin, so that Coinpunk becomes not just a Bitcoin wallet, but a Crypto Currency Wallet that will stand the test of time. We want to make our code more modular so Node.js developers can use it for instrastructure projects. We want to prove that you can make pure, open source HTML5/JS Bitcoin applications that work just as well as proprietary native ones, if not better.

Join the Bitcoin Rebel Alliance

In order to succeed, we need your help. We're asking the community to help us build a fund for continuing to work on Coinpunk, so we can make it even better than it is now. We want to make the Bitcoin and open source communities our investors. Bitcoin is a "mutual company" - if the Bitcoin ecosystem grows, so does Bitcoin. We want to keep the project free and open source, so we can focus on the work that improves the Bitcoin ecosystem for everyone. Any amount helps! Join the rebels, and let's toss Apple's App Store into a black hole.

How we will use the funds

We will use the money to help developers working on Coinpunk pay living expenses for developers, help pay server and development bills, and beef up All of the funds will be stored in a single Bitcoin address, and we will document where money is sent and why (and you will be able to confirm it via blockchain inspection).

What you get

In addition to getting a great open source web wallet, we're providing a bunch of other awesome gifts to say thanks! In addition, all contributors will be listed on a Contributors page on all Coinpunk sites and in the repository.

Coinpunk Stickers

Contributions over 0.024 BTC ($30): We'll send you some bad ass Coinpunk/Bitcoin stickers you can stick on your laptop, bags, Apple Store signs or the bathroom mirror of your favorite dive bar.

Coinpunk Shirt

Donations over 0.06 BTC (USD $60) - We'll send you the stickers, and a high quality, bad ass Coinpunk t-shirt featuring our logo printed by BooshWorks - a screenprinting shop in Chicago that accepts Bitcoin!

How to Contribute


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